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Vacuum arc remelting - Wikipedia

The alloy to undergo VAR is formed into a cylinder typically by vacuum induction melting (VIM) or ladle refining (airmelt). This cylinder, referred to as an electrode is then put into a large cylindrical enclosed crucible and brought to a metallurgical vacuum (0.001–0.1 mmHg or 0.1–13.3 Pa). At the bottom of the crucible is a

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) - ALD Vacuum Technologies

VAR is the continuous remelting of a consumable electrode by means of an arc under vacuum. DC power is The basic design of the VAR furnace has been improved continuously over the years particularly in computer control and regulation with the objective of achieving a fully- automatic remelting process. This in turn

vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace | SIMUWU

Usage:Mainly used in the vacuum smelting and ingot casting of titanium, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum and other precious metals and high temperature precision alloy, special steel. Features: 1 Adopt gantry frame structure as the main body. Consist of spinning frame, lifting frame and support frame,

‎[PDF]‎consumable-electrode vacuum arc melting - Springer Link

a furnace before the American Philosophical Society. In 1902, the first consumable-electrode furnace was reported by W. V. Bolton,3 ' 4 who melted tantalum electrodes in a water-cooled metal crucible under a reduced argon atmosphere. In the intervening years, the consumable-elec- trode vacuum arc furnace has reached

‎[PDF]‎An Introduction to Premium Melting - Carpenter Technology

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) is another secondary refining process that enhances the quality of metal that had undergone primary air melting and/or was melted, or remelted, in arc, VIM or ESR furnaces. The. VAR feedstock is consumable electrodes produced by VIM or conventional air melting. VAR, like ESR, depends on

‎[PDF]‎Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnaces - Consarc Engineering

Once the electrode is clamped to the ram assembly the ram lifts the electrode while furnace head is lowered to create a vacuum seal on top of the crucible. Once a vacuum is established, the DC power supply is activated and the control system automatically strikes a high current arc between the consumable electrode

‎[PDF]‎vacuum arc refining (var) - Edwards Vacuum

Vacuum Arc Refining (VAR) is a secondary melting process that allows ingot structure, homogeneity and cleanliness to improve. A cylinder type consumable electrode (produced with Vacuum Induction Melting. (VIM), is Elimination of oil back streaming which is a source of contamination and de‐gassing in the furnace.

Small Vacuum Consumable Electrode Arc Furnace

Small Vacuum Consumable Electrode Arc Furnace In a very simplistic form, an arc furnace is a electric device which can work with a full short-circuit.

‎[PDF]‎Technology of special alloys

Modification of an electric arc furnace represents a device for vacuum arc remelting - VAR or vacuum arc-double electrode remelting -VADER, which are used for non-ferrous metal alloys. In those facilities the continuous melting of consumable electrode in a vacuum, using an electric arc, takes place. A DC current gives rise

Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace (VAR Furnace or vacuum

15 Mar 2015 Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace (VAR) Vacuum consumable melting furnace This is a consumable electrode remelting process performed inside a vacuum chamber. Expo

HHV ARC remelting furnace

HHV's vacuum re-melting furnace is specially designed to meet the requirement of melting of materials under vacuum (consumable) and in argon gas environment. This vacuum furnace consists of a double walled Furnace Chamber, Copper Crucible with Water Jacket Assembly, Stinger Rod and Consumable Electrode

‎[PDF]‎VAR and ESR: Do They Measure Up

4 Aug 1975 arc furnace was introduced into the U.S. in 1906. Today, gun steel is produced by the basic electric-arc process and vacuum treated either by the D-H process or by stream degassing into an intermediate ladle or into ingot molds. Consumable electrode melting is a group of secondary refining processes

Compact Vacuum Arc Melting System with 7 Cavities - EQ-SP

EQ-SP-MSM207 is a compact vacuum arc melting furnace with a non-consumable tungsten electrode and water-cooled copper crucibles. A built-in mechanical manipulator is included for tilting and rotating metal ingots for the re-melting process. Vacuum casting faction fixture can be added as optional. It is an excellent tool

Vacuum Arc Furnace - Alibaba

Vacuum Arc Furnace, Wholesale Various High Quality Vacuum Arc Furnace Products from Global Vacuum Arc Furnace Suppliers and Vacuum Arc Furnace Factory,Importer,Exporter at Alibaba.

Yaran Vacuum Arc (Re)melting Furnace (VAR) – Yaran Furnace

Vacuum arc remelting (VAR) is the continuous remelting of a consumable electrode by means of an arc under vacuum. The advantages of arc melting are its highly concentrated energy and its straight forward control procedures. Yaran's VAR furnace overcomes serious problems that have been historically associated with

VAR furnace in factory - YouTube

15 Mar 2015 Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) This is a consumable electrode remelting process performed inside a vacuum chamber. Exposure of molten metal droplets to vacuum re

‎[PDF]‎Vacuum Arc Remelting of Alloy 718 - TMS

physics of the vacuum arc can be used to explain observations resulting from large scale experiments conducted in production VAR furnaces. Cathode heating power measurements made during VAR of ,410 mm diameter Alloy 718 electrodes (7) show that melting efficiency (-0.55) is highest when the system is operating in

‎[PDF]‎Control of Vacuum Arc Furnaces - ProQuest Search

In mathematical terms, a vacuum arc furnace is a complex object. Its control is based on maintenance of parameters such as the furnace voltage, the furnace current, and the electrode gap. We will consider the DVS 3.2 G1 vacuum arc fur nace with consumable electrodes [1, 2]. The equation for the electrode gap is as

Manufacture of Ingots

VAR melting Vacuum-arc melting of consumable electrode is done in vacuum-arc furnaces. VAR furnaces possessed by VSMPO allows to satisfy the growing customer demand for Ti products and produce ingots with the diameter of 450 - 1150 mm and with the weight of up to 9.5 tons. There is a technical opportunity of

Vacuum arc remelting | metallurgy | Britannica

In steel: Vacuum arc remelting (VAR) …important matter for large ingots. In this process, employed for casting steels that contain easily oxidized alloying elements, a consumable electrode made of forged steel or of compacted powder or sponge is continuously melted by an arc under vacuum. At the same time, the shallow