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Horizontal Twin Chamber Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching

Horizontal gas quenching furnace is used for gas quenching of materials like tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, super high strength steel, etc. The heating chamber is separated with the quenching chamber, which saves much energy and has good cooling.

High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace,Horizontal Single Chamber

Vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace applied for gas quenching of materials like tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, etc. It has no special dimension and shape requires for the components. The components features little deformation and good cooling effect.

Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace,Horizontal Twin Chamber Oil

The vacuum oil quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum oil quenching of materials like alloy steel, bearing steel, spring steel, die steel, high-speed steel, etc. Horizontal twin chamber oil quenching furnace can also applied to aging and gas cooling process for the above materials.

Horizontal two-chamber vacuum furnace with high pressure gas

Two-chamber vacuum furnace for quenching gas is to quench the gaseous products of tool steel, stamped steel, high speed steel, high-strength steel, and so on. Kamera horizontal dual-chamber vacuum furnace: from graphite heaters and reflective screens graphite composite heat insulation felt / molybdenum heaters

Horizontal double Chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling

Double Chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Furnace. Horizontal Twin Chamber High Pressure Heat Treatment For Molybdenum heating element and metal Chamber Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas Cooling Gas Quench Vacuum Furnaces are. read more

Horizontal Double Chamber Vacuum High Pressure Gas Oven Temple

The horizontal gas quenching furnace is used for the quenching of materials such as tool steel, die-cast steel, high speed steel, super high strength steel, etc. The thermal chamber is separated from the quenching chamber, which saves a lot of energy and has a good refrigeration.

Horizontal Type Double Chamber Vacuum High Pressure Gas

Horizontal Type Double Chamber Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace advantages and functions : 1pletely eliminate the oxidation and decarburization of.

‎[PDF]‎What you should know about Ipsen's vacuum technology. - ipsen.de

because during high pressure gas quenching there is a high degree of surface wear. This con- siderably extends the service life of the chamber. Vacuum furnaces of a vertical vacuum furnace. The ribbed and, therefore large surface area, copper heat exchanger ensures intensive recooling of the cooling gas flow.

Overview of Common Vacuum Furnace Equipment - Vacaero

9 Mar 2016 Figure 2 | Typical single chamber horizontal vacuum furnace (courtesy of Nevada Heat Treat) Figure 3 | Typical system components of a bottom The latter can be dual or multi-chamber designs or pusher styles. . Figure 20 | Dual chamber high pressure gas quenching furnace (courtesy of ECM USA).

Vacuum Furnaces - VAC AERO

With pressure ratings of 2 to 6 bar VAC AERO furnaces are used worldwide for diverse applications in aero-engine manufacturing, power generation, medical implants, commercial heat treating, tool and die, nuclear and other high-tech Horizontal Front-loading Gas Quench Vacuum Furnace, VAH2636 HV-2, Hot Zone.

Horizontal Furnace Specs - Vacaero

vacuum-furnace-35 The standard VAH Series Horizontal, Front-loading, Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing Furnace can be customized to suit unique applications such as high pressure gas quenching, high temperature heat treating, ultra-clean processing and more. The furnace is designed to have fast heating rates to

‎[PDF]‎Single-chamber HPGQ vacuum furnace with quenching effificiency

2 Sep 2009 FEATURE. Vacuum/Surface Treating. Single-Chamber. HPGQ Vacuum. Furnace with. Quenching Efficiency. Comparable to Oil. M. Korecki, J. Olejnik, Z. Szczerba, M. Bazel – with a high-pressure gas-quenching system (HPGQ) able to quench with an efficiency and circular, flat heating elements. The.

HHV High temperature, High Pressure with Oil/ Gas quenching facility

High temperature, Cold walled, high pressure vacuum furnace with oil/gas quenching facility The furnace has a horizontally mounted double walled water cooled chamber fabricated with carbon steel in accordance with ASME code. A quenching chamber made of carbon steel facilitates oil/gas quenching operations.

Low Pressure Nitriding Furnance - Lakshmi Vacuum

The salient features of LVT's Versatreat range of Horizontal Front Loading High Pressure Gas Quench Vacuum Furnaces are as below. Furnace Vessel designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 & U code stamped. Double Walled water cooled Stainless / Carbon Steel retorts. Internal Fin & Tube twin heat exchangers.

Vacuum Furnaces | Compare | Review | Quote - AZoM

As the name suggests vacuum furnaces heat materials, most often metals in a vacuum atmosphere. All vacuum furnaces have a vacuum vessel, pumping system, heating chamber and cooling system. Large-Scale System for Low-Pressure Carburization and High-Pressure Gas Quenching – The ARGOS Line · Quote.

Used Vacuum Furnaces | The Monty | The Monty

9 Feb 2017 Item # VF317 Twin High Temperature Vacuum HT Sintering Furnaces Features: Horizontally Loaded Vacuum Furnace complete with 412 Stokes Vacuum Pump, Roots 615 Booster Pump, 2 Bar Quenching, Graphite Heating .. 50 HP Spencer Turbine gas quench blower with a .85 Bar pressure quench.

Patent US20140042678 - 20 Bar super quench vacuum furnace

13 Feb 2014 Typical high pressure gas quench multi-bar furnaces utilize a standard design of fixed thermal exit baffles and complicated fan cycling sequences—clockwise and counterclockwise—with directional control of the wind mass in order to achieve the necessary velocity within the furnace chamber in order to

Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces and Vacuum Technology | Ipsen

TurboTreater. Boasting advanced technology and hundreds of installations worldwide, Ipsen's TurboTreater system continues to set the industry standard for fast cooling rates and high-pressure gas quenching. Build your TurboTreater

New vacuum furnaces - Seco Warwick vacuum furnace

Vacuum heat treatment furnaces with fast quench options and high energy efficiency. Technical Information. Furnaces with horizontal (VP/VPT) and vertical (VVPEH) loading configurations; Load from 50 to 5,000 kg; Graphite and screen insulation with maximum vacuum of 10-2 / 10-5 / 10-6 mbar; Quenching pressure 2, 6,

Dual chamber vacuum furnace for Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC

23 Feb 2015 Dual chamber vacuum furnace for Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) and High Pressure Gas Quenching (HPGQ). 1. HEAT PROCESSING · (6) · ISSUE 2 · 2008 1 Introduction Single atmospheric heat treating fur- naces that separate the heat process from the quench process have been available since the