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Ion Nitriding - Plasma Nitriding | Advanced Heat Treat

UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding (also known as Pulse Plasma Nitriding) is a case-hardening treatment which uses glow discharge technology to introduce nitrogen ions to Extends part/tool life; Selective hardening process; Reusable masking (versus coatings or other surface treatments); Adds performance, fatigue strength and

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Some industrial experiences of the use of the plasma nitriding process are presented. The better knowledge about the plasma and some of the solutions for plasma nitriding could be transferred to other plasma-assisted pro- Plasma nitriding, also called glow discharge . ment shop, this is impossible because a furnace.

An Introduction to Nitriding - ASM International

Nitriding. THE NITRIDING PROCESS, first developed in the early 1900s, con- tinues to play an important role in many industrial applications. Along with the derivative can be controlled with relatively simple instrumenta- tion and methods. Examples of process parameters for gas nitriding include: • Furnace temperature.

Plasma Nitriding - Springer

Plasma Nitriding. Abstract Plasma nitriding technology, developed based on the glow discharge phenomenon, is reviewed in this chapter, ranging from its basic main processing characteristics and technical advantages, as well as its industrial . the working-piece surface without heating the whole furnace body, thus the.

Thermochemical Treatment of Metals

Since in industrial scale processes the entire part is subjected to high temperatures, surface diffusion is superimposed on changes within the material volume that for some treatments may potential of the furnace atmosphere. Plasma nitriding: (a) view of components during Ultraglow® process (with permission from.

FAQ: What is plasma carburising / plasma nitriding? - TWI Ltd

Due to its lower process temperatures, plasma nitriding gives the least amount of distortion and is particularly suitable for surface hardening of tools, dies and Plasma nitriding is a similar process to plasma carburising, but with the use of a nitrogen-hydrogen gas mixture rather than a hydrocarbon to produce the glow

Direct Current and Pulsed Direct Current Plasma Nitriding of Ferrous

on direct current and pulsed direct current ion nitriding and its influence on ferrous materials' mechanical and corrosion properties has been made. According to the results, some of the technique drawbacks are hard to avoid in mass production. Key words: The positive ions produced by glow discharge are accelerated.

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We specialize in: Stress Relieving, Ionitride, TiN, Titanium Ion Notride, Ion Nitride, Cryogenic, Tempering and Annealing for the Tool and Mold in the Aerospace and Automotive Industry. . Vacuum Oil Quench Heat Treatment; Vacuum Gas Quench Heat Treatment (To 10-Bar); Ion Nitriding; Stress Relieving; Age Hardening

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furnace. Sirilarly, in nitriding, the workpiece surface is alloyed with nitroge!?. Conventionally this has been done in an ammonia atmo- sphere or a special nitrogen-con- . By Ion Nitriding. Plastic molding. Wear reslstance. Machine tools. Wear resistance,. Drive gears for. Wear and fatigue heavy machinery reslstance,.

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H through K in Tool Dynamics' Glossary of Coating & Heat-Treating Terms. A versatile batch-type furnace that can give light or deep case depths. Because the parts are not exposed to air, resulting surfaces can be almost . of high-voltage electrical energy. Synonymous with plasma nitriding and glow-discharge nitriding.