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Heat treating - Wikipedia

Heat treating (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material. The most common application is metallurgical. Heat treatments are also used in the manufacture of many other materials, such as glass. Heat treatment involves

‎[PDF]‎Horizontal Quench Solution Treatment Systems - Wisconsin Oven

aluminum is soft and must be age hardened prior to use. Table 1. Process matrix (courtesy of Dan Herring, The Herring Group). Process. Solution heat treating. Quenching. Aging (age hardening). Goal. To take into solid solution the maximum practical amount of soluble hardening elements (e.g., Cu, Si, Mg) in the alloy.

‎[PDF]‎Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment

Alloys. Stainless Steel. – Stainless Steel. – Tool Steel. • Non-ferrous Metals. – Aluminum. C. – Copper. – Brass. – Titanium. Steel Is the Primary Metal Being Heat hardening furnace, vacuum furnace etc.) • Atmosphere supply (generator or commercial). • Quench. • Washer and dryer. • Tempering furnace in liquid baths or in

‎[PDF]‎Heat Treating Aluminum for Aerospace Applications - Houghton

Aluminum alloys are classified as either heat treatable or not heat treatable, depending on whether the alloy responds to precipitation hardening. In the heat Large drop-bottom furnace used to solution heat- treat and quench aluminum alloys. Quenching. An understanding of heterogeneous precipitation during quenching

Technical Information - Nagato Heat Treatment (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Providing value-added processes for metallic materials with qualitative changes by heat treatments.

Hardening, Quenching, Tempering at Metlab of Wyndmoor PA.

Metal Hardening / Metal Quenching / Metal Tempering. (click on thumbnail Alloys may be air cooled, or cooled by quenching in oil, water, or another liquid, depending upon the amount of alloying elements in the material. Open or Sealed Furnace - Hardening, Annealing, Normalizing, Solution Treating, etc. up to 2200°F.

HTS Vacuum Furnaces - hardening, tempering, annealing, stress

hardening, tempering, annealing, stress relieving, brazing alloys, vacuum sintering. apart from the traditional heat treatments such as hardening, tempering, annealing and stress relieving, it has allowed the improvement of a large number of other processes, developed and consolidated Vertical Furnace quenching pit.

‎[PDF]‎metallurgy of heat treatment and general principles of precipitation

Figure 1, which shows a portion of the aluminum-copper equilibrium diagram, illustrates these two conditions and the fundamental solution-precipitation relation- ships involved. Two alloys containing 4.5 and 6.3% copper are repre- sented by the vertical dashed lines (a) and (b). The solubility relationships and heat treating

‎[PDF]‎Innovative heat treatment technologies - CMI Group

30 Jul 2015 Leading-edge heat treatment furnaces meeting international safety and quality standards. Table of. Contents. Batch Furnaces. Box Furnaces . Aluminum. Energy. Fusion. Rail. Quench Hardening. Brass + Cooper. Special Alloy. Heat treatment. CMI is building its heat treatment offer on a strong brand.

Midwest Age Hardening Aluminum | Aluminum Age - ThermTech

ThermTech has multiple aging furnaces to meet your heat treating needs. All aluminum furnaces are surveyed to meet AMS 2750E class 3 temperature requirements of +/-10F. ThermTech has furnaces capable of running work up to 72” horizontally and 74” vertically. Process. Aging is a low temperature heat treating process

Vacuum Furnaces & Heat Treatment Technology - SECO/WARWICK

Parameters: single-, double- and multi-chamber batch and bulk furnaces, in horizontal and vertical configuration, low-, medium- and high vacuum, radiant and convection heating, low- and high pressure (HPGQ) gas cooling in pressure up to 25 Bar or hardening in oil, full automation, computer control system. Compliance

Continuous Hardening and Tempering of Strip

Continuous in-line hardening and tempering of unalloyed and low-alloy carbon steel as well as martensitic Cr steel strip using hydrogen quench systems or molten metal quench technology with cooling gradients of up to 600 K/s is a process that has won worldwide acceptance. Non-alloy and low alloy carbon steel strips

Vacuum Heat Treatment of Fasteners - Vacaero

12 Jan 2015 Hardening by Oil Quenching (Plain Carbon and Alloy Steels). Oil quenching typically takes place in horizontal vacuum furnaces equipped with integral quench tanks (Fig. 3) as well as vertical vacuum furnaces (Fig. 4). The design of the quench tank is similar to its atmosphere counterpart; fixed or variable

Aluminium Hardening Heat Treatment Chamber Furnaces

Ramsell-Naber in partnership with LAC (www.lac.cz) offer a range of furnaces suitable for the heat treatment of aluminium alloys. The standard line includes: Vertical bottom loading hardening furnace Charge manipulator, including baskets Furnace electrically driven on rails Hardening bath Line operating systems

LC Vertical aluminum alloy hardening furnace - Electric furnace

Quenching furnace surface hardening only the surface of the workpiece or part of the surface heat treatment, so only change the organization of the surface. Heart Ministry or other parts of the organization still retains the performance of the low hardness and high plasticity and high toughness, so that the workpiece

Heat Treating Aluminum | Minnesota Solution Annealing Aluminum

Our automated furnace is excellent for quick quenching aluminum alloys requiring water quench solution anneal. ThermTech has furnaces capable of running work up to 72” horizontally and 74” vertically. Process. Solution Solution anneal heat treating is required for aluminum alloys for age hardening to be effective.

‎[PDF]‎An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer During Forced Air Convection

1 Oct 2011 Cast aluminum alloys are usually subject to solution treatment, quenching, and aging hardening for solution for subsequent precipitation hardening. . m/s. Probe orientation. (relative to air flow direction). Aluminum alloy 319. 15. 30%. 4.8. Vertical. 25. 50%. 10.5. Horizontal. 18. 45°. Heater. Furnace.

Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces – Chugai Ro Co., Ltd.

The VFV series is vertical and best suited for heat treating long materials. □Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces – CF/QF Series. This series is used widely for the hardening of tool, alloy and stainless steels, and sintering, brazing and solution heat treatment. By combining a standard vestibule (gas quench chamber) with a

Metal Glossary | Metal Supermarkets

Alclad. Composite sheet produced by bonding either corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy or aluminum of high purity to base metal of structurally stronger aluminum alloy. Heating hot rolled ferrous sheet in an open furnace to a temperature within the transformation range and then cooling in air in order to soften the metal.


Salt-bath furnace production started in-house. Salt-bath furnaces sales started. Introducing American technologies for atmosphere furnaces and aluminum furnaces. Vacuum heat treatment furnace production and sales started. L-TEQ (low temperature hardening) process technology released. Ion plating equipment