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Sinter Furnaces - ALD Vacuum Technologies

ALD Vacuum Technologies has developed and built sintering plants for hard metals, cermets and other PM-materials for more than 50 years. The use of the latest Typical parts for the sintering process at the ALD VKPgr furnace are carbide tools like drills. Advantages: maximum working capacity (mm). Rated tem-

1500 °C Crucible Furnace | Industrial Crucible Furnace | Lindberg

Crucible Furnace. Our 1500°C Crucible Furnace is designed for easy maintenance and convenient operation. The efficient design allows for dependability and Pots; Inert atmosphere retorts; Atmosphere retort limits the maximum temperature capacity to 1050 °C in lieu of 1500 °C with retort installed; Combustible gas

Furnaces for Ceramics, Glass, Solar Cells - thermconcept

Furnaces for. Ceramics, Glass, Solar Cells. Drying. Burning out. Debinding. Calcinating. Presintering. Firing. Sintering. Pyrolysis. Annealing. Cooling. Exhaust air controlled heating elements, high-precision furnace regulation, wear-free, noiseless. High-temperature chamber furnaces. T max. 1500 °C, 1600 °C, 1750 °C

Melting furnace / bell / induction / vacuum - VIM-IC - ALD

Discover all the information about the product Melting furnace / bell / induction / vacuum VIM-IC - ALD and find where you can buy it. Contact the A consumable titanium electrode is melted with an electric arc into a watercooled tiltable copper crucible. Sintering furnace / rotary retort / combustion / vacuum max. +1 600 °C

Vacuum Induction Melting - ASM International

and have the tendency to increase the. Crucible. Power supply. Induction coil. To vacuum pumps. Fig. 1 Basic elements of a vacuum induction melting furnace. Heating coil. Cooling coil incompletely sintered and expands during use, causing loss of crucible integrity. Maximum melt temperature. Refractory density.

Product - LMTmag | Furnaces

The bottom-loading SinterMax T1800 from DIGITAL DENTAL offers 20 flexible ramp programs, making it ideal for sintering any full contour zirconia material. The new 1,800°C molybdenum disilicide elements are extremely clean and can achieve maximum zirconia translucency. Two stacking crucibles allow.

Vacuum Crucible Furnace-弥漫之夜2小时后没睡死,女人用费洛蒙

SG2V-2-16TP Vacuum crucible furnace is composed by quartz crucible or alumina crucible and stainless steel flange ,which is mainly use in sintering of high Max.Vacuum. -0.1MPa. Main assembly. Asbestos gloves, the crucible tongs, thermocouple, corundum crucible, brick block. Regular furnace size. Inventory products

Specialty Graphites for High- Temperature Furnaces - SGL Group

the demanding requirements of original equipment manu- facturers (OEM) and operators of high-temperature furnaces. Fields of application: ɋ Vacuum furnaces ɋ Inert gas furnaces ɋ Heat treatment (hardening, carbonization, brazing, etc.) ɋ Carbon fiber production ɋ Cemented carbide production ɋ Sintering applications.

Special refractories for use at high temperature - NIST Page

The commercial electrically fused or sintered zirconium oxide contains small . tion furnace. The temperature of the molten metal is always over. 1,770° C. The crucibles show no signs of softening. They have also been used for melting rhodium, in which Arsem vacuum furnace and the high-frequency^ induction furnace.

Sintering Vacuum Furnace | Benefits of Sintering in a Vacuum Furnace

Benefits of Vacuum Sintering. Clean, bright parts; Incredible design flexibility; Quick turnaround; Superior quality; Fewer defects; Easy maintenance; Maximum productivity