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Induction Heating: What It Is, How it Works

In the most common heating methods, a torch or open flame is directly applied to the metal part. But with induction heating, heat is actually "induced" within the part itself by circulating electrical currents. Induction heating relies on the unique characteristics of radio frequency (RF) energy - that portion of the electromagnetic

Maximize Your Crucible's Service Life | About AFS and Metalcasting

The preheating cycle specified by the crucible manufacturer should be followed exactly and never rushed. The proper preheating cycle depends on the crucible material, metal, furnace type and whether it is used for melting or holding. For induction furnaces, the preheating cycle takes furnace frequency, coil dimensions

Tube & Pipe | Interpower Induction

Adding induction preheat to existing gas furnaces has proven benefits in both energy savings and increased productivity. A company recently Problem: A large specialty steel company needed to improve the quality of hardened (quench and tempered) pipe for drilling and oil well and bridge applications. The former

Fives Stein key contract with Indian steel maker JSPL for a reheating

Feb 17, 2014 Fives Stein key contract with Indian steel maker JSPL for a reheating furnace. 17/02/ SUPPLY OF A FURNACE WITH UNIQUE FEATURES. This furnace will be unique in its kind: the main feature of this new furnace is that this will be burning 100% Blast Furnace gas as fuel through Regenerative Burners.

C.I. Hayes | Vacuum Sintering Furnaces for Powder Metal Sintering

The C.I. Hayes CVCQ-LAM Vacuum Sintering Furnace uniquely combines atmosphere delubrication and vacuum sintering. An in-line atmosphere delube/preheat section and integral vacuum sintering chamber allow for processing of powder metal (P/M) compacts at conventional or high temperatures. Processing versatility

Dongkuk Steel - For Sale - 2 - Reheating Furnaces - Hilco Industrial

Unique Opportunity to Purchase a 2.000.000-Ton Per Year Heavy Plate Mill. test. Download Brochure (PDF) for further information on sale location and featured items. Sale Date: Available Now. Location: test. Find Location. Preview Information: By Appointment Only. Arrow Icon Terms and Conditions. Featured Items; Lot

Refinery Process Fouling Control

mal cracking process exchangers and furnaces. This paper will cover the following topics related to refinery addition, can impact crude preheat fouling and coker furnace fouling; and upstream processes, such as . of polymerization reactions is minimized. The SUEZ metal coordinator is unique and proven to be very ef-.


Tenova Core also designs and supplies roller hearth furnaces for endless rolling plants with bar lengths up to 1,000 feet. Among our references is the only roller hearth furnace in existence, reheating stainless steel thin slabs and discharging up to 2250°F (special rolls are used for the application). We offer unique, proven

Importance of control strategy for oxy-fuel burners in a steel reheat

for oxy-fuel burners in a steel reheat furnace. Shailesh Gangoli1, Greg Buragino1, Xiaoyi He1,. Erdem Arsland1, Peter Verderame1, Reed Hendershot1,. Alex Slavejkov1, Fred Examples include – cold air-fuel combustion, preheated (recuperative or regenerative) air- . interacts uniquely with the furnace. For example

Application of Rapid Infrared Heating to Aluminum Forgings

Amongst the several procedures involved in a forging operation, preheating of the metal billets furnace. Unlike convection gas-fired furnaces, where a billet would take at least. 1.5-2 hrs to get to the forging temperature, infrared furnace takes only 16 minutes. 2 is derived from this unique combination of heating modes.