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Vertical vacuum furnaces Top or bottom load - TAV VACUUM

Do you need to heat treat high loads? Vertical vacuum furnaces are the solution. TAV top or bottom load systems also allow you to optimize space.

Vertical Vacuum Furnaces | Top & Bottom Load Vacuum Furnace

We design and build custom vertical vacuum furnaces. Are top or bottom load furnaces right for you? Click here to learn more.

Vertical high temperature vacuum furnaces - IVA Schmetz GmbH

Vertical vacuum bottom loading furnace with round hot zone for high temperature processes like hardening, brazing, sintering, etc. type M: model with hot zone insulation made of graphite; type ME: model with hot zone insulation made of molybdenum + stainless steel. The vertical vacuum bottom loading furnace is often

Overview of Common Vacuum Furnace Equipment - Vacaero

9 Mar 2016 Figure 1 | Typical system components of a bottom loading vacuum furnace2 (courtesy of Eurotherm, A Schneider Electric Company). Vacuum furnaces available from most manufacturers are either horizontal (Fig. 2) or vertical (Fig. 3) configurations. While vacuum vessels need not be cylindrical in shape,

Specifications - VAV Series Vacuum Furnaces - Vacaero

vacuum-furnace-v350 The standard VAV Series Vertical, Bottom-loading, Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing Furnace can be customized to suit unique applications such as high pressure gas quenching, high temperature heat treating, ultra-clean processing and more. The furnace is designed to have fast heating rates to

Bottom loading / Vertical Vacuum Furnace - Annealing, Stress

Our Vertical Vacuum furnace has accurate temperature measurement and safety over temperature controller. We have complete automation for heat & vacuum cycle.

‎[PDF]‎Vacuum furnaces for brazing - SECO/WARWICK

A vertically oriented vacuum chamber is designed for bottom loading. It is fabricated from stainless steel and polished from inside to improve vacuum performance. A Stainless Steel water jacket is provided for vacuum chamber cooling. Water jacket is protected against the rapture form excessive water pressure by.

‎[PDF]‎SERIES 4300 – Vertical Top/Bottom Load Furnaces for CVI

Centorr Vacuum Industries high temperature, vacuum‐rated. Induction furnaces provide stable, repeatable conditions for production of high performance materials from vapor phase feedstocks involving reaction temperatures up to 2200°C. Our line of ultra‐high temperature furnaces for graphite purification.

Vertical bottom loading - VFE Vacuum Furnaces

For brazing and heat treatment of aerospace components. Allows easy and unobstructed access for loading and unloading. Improved uniformity of heat-up and cool-down periods thanks to heating elements situated all around. Fully automatic control ensuring reproducible cycles and product quality. Efficient gas fan cooling

Vertical Top Loading Vacuum Furnaces Vertical Bottom Loading

Vertical Loading Vacuum Furnaces - Graphite Hot Zone, Temperature Up to 1320 C, Integral Heat Exchanger & Fan, Molybdenum Hot Zone.

HHV Vacuum furnaces

HHV's vertical, bottom loading, vacuum heat treating and Brazing furnaces are customized to suit unique applications. For over 47 years, HHV has been offering vacuum Oil/ Gas Quenching Furnaces to process critical parts of aerospace, defense, ordinance factories components, and also for industrial applications.


Vertical or Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnaces (Series BG). Smallest load size of 1200 X 1200 (D X H) of 1500 kg capacity to the largest load size of 3000 X 3000 (D X H) of 5000 kg capacity; Operating Temperature up to 1600 0C. Vacuum range up to 10-7 mbar; Heating Chamber insulation graphite and all metal in round

Vertical Bottom Loading Furnaces | Solar Manufacturing

Vertical Bottom Loading External Quench Furnaces. VBL-EQ Series. The VBL-EQ series are vertical bottom loading, external quench, vacuum heat treating and brazing furnaces generally designed for high production commercial, aerospace, and captive heat treating shops. They are high temperature, high vacuum,

Bottom Loading Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces - Inductotherm

Bottom Loading Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces. Vacuum heat treatment is a well established practice in the aerospace (OEM and repair), land based turbines, automotive and tool industries. Controlled thermal processing of components is carried out in a vacuum environment to eliminate the deleterious effects of the

‎[PDF]‎Vacuum Furnaces Furnaces for Advanced Materials - IHI

Brazing. The advantages are: • Effectively processing of long dimension. • Excellent temperature uniformity;. - 360 degree arrangement heating elements. - Heating elements on top and bottom. • Top or Bottom Loading;. • Cooling gas pressure; variable High/ Low pressure. Vertical Vacuum Furnace. VGQ/VPQ series. Model.

1100°CV Vacuum Chamber Furnace (7.5"ID x 8.5"Depth, 7.6 Liter

VBF-1200X-E8 is a vertical vacuum furnace with a 7.5" ID x 13.4"L-quartz chamber and automatic bottom loading mechanism designed for easy sample loading. Water-cooled SS vacuum flanges are lifted via the motor and can achieve vacuum 10^-2 to 10^-5 torr through a mechanical or molecular pump. It is designed for

vacuum heat treatment furnace | SIMUWU

Our vacuum heat treatment furnace, Vacuum Technology is the Basis for Process Innovation in Heat Treatment. Heat Treatment is the process in which.

Systherms - Vacuum furnaces - Products

TYPE VWS. The furnace with bottom loading (bottom loader) is commonly used for round and heavy components. In principle, this type of furnace is a vertical VWC in which the load is positioned on the furnace bottom which can be lowered.

Leading Manufacturer of Advanced Combustion Products

Single Chamber Vacuum Furnaces. Vertical Bottom Load; Coil Deoiler / Anneal; Fluxless Aluminum Brazing. Multi-Chamber Vacuum Furnaces – Largest Offering in the Industry · Gas-Fired Vacuum Furnaces; MetalLined™ I/O VacuDraw®; VringCARB™ – High Purity Vacuum Carburizing Funace Equipment. Ion Processing

Vertical vacuum furnace with gas quenching bottom loading

Vacuum furnace gas quenching loading bottom intended for gas quenching products made of tool steel, stamped steel, high speed steel, high-strength steel, and others, in particular for the hardening under vacuum rods, panels, long shafts and other similar overall detaleyl easily deforming in the heat treatment. Excellent