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Continuous Annealing Lines - EBNER Industrieofenbau

The furnaces are used for galvanizing lines (CGLs) and continuous annealing lines (CALs) and can be radiant tube heated or gas-fired with a muffle. Well-established technology has been refined by EBNER for the annealing furnaces as well as for the coolers - e.g. HICON® jet cooler (patented). All furnace types feature

Continuous Annealing Lines | Primetals Technologies

Advanced annealing lines are essential for ensuring precisely controlled metallurgical properties – as required for high-end steel applications – and fast processing speeds. Annealing lines from Primetals Technologies feature a flexible, multi-zone furnace able to process a broad range of steel grades and dimensions at

Continuous strip processing furnaces - ANDRITZ Group

Tianjin Ansteel Tiantie, continuous annealing line. Horizontal annealing line furnace for stainless steel. The range of horizontal or vertical furnaces covers handling of all different strip qualities. The optimized design minimizes energy consumption and space requirements, while the strip quality fulfills mechanical property as

Continuous annealing line furnaces - ANDRITZ Group

ANDRITZ Selas provides annealing furnaces (CAL) with a wide range of heating and cooling technologies to satisfy the process requirements for production of all types of steel grades.

Furnace Section - Primetals Technologies Japan, Ltd.

The continuous annealing furnace is located at the center of CAL or CGL, and is an important equipment that affects the final mechanical properties of the product. As the steel strip passes between many rolls located inside the furnace, thermal patterns such as, heating, holding, and cooling are applied to the strip,

‎[PDF]‎Aluminum Strip Processing Lines Product Portfolio - SMS group

Furniture. Kitchen products. Sporting goods. Transportation systems. Besides those main lines, SMS group offers various other line concepts or variations of processes Air-knives. Furnaces/Ovens. Heat treatment furnaces. Water quench system. Air cooling. Pre-aging furnace. Drying ovens. Coater house aeration systems.

Thermal Co., Ltd. ‐ Thermal's heat treatment ‐ Bright heat treatment

Thermal's bright heat treatment technology. Examples: Kitchen knives, scissors, disc brakes, tools, cutting tools, micro-shafts for small motors; Brazing for joining base materials by melting a brazing material In contrast, continuous furnaces provide high productivity and also enable easy substitution for better brightness.

Thermal Co., Ltd. ‐ BCE series - Continuous bright heat treatment

The hydrogen atmosphere furnace and its target works, features and structure. Cutting tools, Medical devices, tableware, kitchen knives, scissors, tools. Equipment, Heat exchangers safe operation. The more than 300 continuous furnaces that have been installed on sites in Japan and overseas demonstrate reliability.

Cold Rolling Division - BRG Group

The sheets and strips of reduced thickness are again subjected to the annealing and pickling processes. A final cold rolling step then prepares the Stainless Steel for further processing. The product obtained at the end of the cold-rolling process is extensively used in aesthetic applications as the thinned stainless steel yields

Heat Treating Knives: 7 Steps

Knives need to be hard enough to hold an sharp edge through continuous mechanical abrasion, yet be soft (flexible) enough to stand up to forceful use without breaking. Equipment and tools Tempering involves heating the blade to a non-critical temperature (350 – 450 F) to slightly soften the steel (I used a kitchen oven).