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Pusher Furnace for Continuous Production - CM Furnaces

CM pusher furnace models incorporate a modular design approach that is highly customizable to the needs of clients. Our customized continuous production furnaces have served industries from the Nuclear fuel industry, to metal injection molding manufactures, and the heat treating of advanced materials requiring

Ingener > Products > Heat Treatment > Continuous Cast Link Belt

Ingener. Ingeniería del Nervión S.A. is a firm founded in 1994 and located in Sondika, Bilbao (Spain). The company activities are mainly focused on designing and manufacturing of steel reheating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.

Ingener > Products > Heat Treatment > Batch Furnace

Carburizing lines made of batch units of carburizing with quenching under protective atmosphere, tempering and washer, designed for different sizes of parts and with automatized transfer machine which gives to the line a huge flexibility to heat treat and allows an easy adaptation to the production needs. For this kind of

Cylinder Heat Treatment Furnaces - Wesman

CYLINDER HEAT TREATMENT FURNACES. Wesman has a full range of Cylinders Heat Treatment Furnaces up to a capacity of 60 cylinders per hour or 10 MTPH to offer to Cylinders Manufacturing industries. Heat Treatment line comprises Hardening and Tempering Furnaces with Quenching Facilities. The hardening

Continuous Furnace - Continuous Tempering Furnace Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Continuous Furnace - Continuous Tempering Furnace, Roller Hearth Furnace, Pusher Type Furnace and Conveyor Type Annealing Furnace offered by Type Furnace, Conveyor Type Annealing Furnace, Continuous Hardening AndTempering Furnaces Line and Mesh Conveyor Bright Annealing Furnace.

Pusher Continuous Gas Carburising lines - Bharat Gears Limited

Load Magazine Prewash / Preheat Heat Carburise Harden Sealed Oil Quench Press Quench / Slowcool Salt Quench Wash / Rinse Temper Blast Cool Unload / Load Captive Pusher Chains Side Entry and Exit Vestibules Computer Supervision Production - 288 Kg / hr. HCV & LCV Crown Wheels Pinions

Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces – Chugai Ro Co., Ltd.

Heat Treatment Furnaces for Automobile Machine Parts Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces □Roller Hearth Type Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces This compact piece of equipment, which includes improvements to the popular pusher type continuous furnace, is ideal for small-variety large-quantity manufacture.

Sintering Furnaces, Brazing Furnaces, Annealing Furnaces - Site

of heat treating processes and applications. Since 1978, we have been providing quality integrated manufacturing solutions. We specialize in sintering furnaces, as well as continuous belt conveyor furnaces and high temperature pusher furnaces. Metallurgical Processes - Sinterite's line of custom industrial furnaces and

Heat Treatment furnaces for the Aluminum industry

HICON® batch-type furnaces for reheating and homogenizing. Heat treatment furnace facilities for plates and sheets. HICON® roller-hearth furnaces for solution annealing or recrystallizing plates and sheet. HICON® batch-type furnaces for aging and tempering plates and sheets. Heat treatment furnace facilities for strip and

Pusher Furnace for Continuous Type Heat Treatment Application

Pusher Furnace. This furnace design has proved itself as being particularly suited for the continuous treatment of parts under a protective gas atmosphere. The extremely stable hearth structure is designed for high load weights. With single-, double- or triple-row configurations and free and/or press quenching capabilities,

Heat Treatment Equipment - Heat Treatment Plant, Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Equipment - Engaged in designing and manufacturing heat treatment plant, heat treatment furnace, belt furnace, heat treating systems. Product Lines: - Continuous Straight through Belt furnace - Retort Type Mesh Belt furnace - Mesh Belt type furnace - Cast Link belt type furnace - Mesh Belt type furnace

Used Continuous Furnaces | The Monty | The Monty

9 Feb 2017 Lindberg Pusher Furnace. Lindberg pusher furnace S/N JW030855A. Gas fired with 16 Burners, Eclipse TFP-030, 1,415,000 BTU/Hour. Maximum operating temperature of 1750F. Brick Lined Hearth + Mineral Fiber walls and ceiling. Currently used for annealing but also set up for atmosphere heat treating.

C.I. Hayes | Complete Line, Heat Treat Equipment and Industrial

The C.I. Hayes “CV” Continuous Vacuum Series belongs to a family of vacuum furnaces comprised of modules including loading, heating and quenching. The modular and, in this case, continuous premise is to index small lots in a continuous automatic fashion that combines high production with superior product quality.

Who is Seco/Warwick Group? - SECO/WARWICK

They are operated in: aerospace, power generation, tools & dies, medical, machine and automotive industries, in commercial and in-house heat treatment plants, for both: single batch and mass production. The furnaces are available in any configuration of workload (horizontal and vertical), working space's sizes, technical

Heat Treating Equipment & Heat Treat Furnaces, Complete Line

Specializing in Box Furnaces, Temper Furnaces. Batch & Continuous Furnaces for virtually any process, including Annealing, Hardening, Tempering and Brazing.

Furnaces for Continuous Processes | Home - Nabertherm Industrial

The rotary hearth furnaces of the DH product line are optimally suited for continuous processes on a small floor space. They are designed for preheating processes Conveyor plant D 1600/3100/1200/55, consisting of solution annealing furnace, cooling station and conveyor system. Mesh belt drive in a continuous furnace.

Search by application | Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.

Straight-Through Carburizing Furnace, The straight-through production line flows trays in a single direction, while securing the best-selling KCF carburizing furnace performance. Koyo Vacuum Carburizing Furnace, Cyclohexane is used for the vacuum carburizing gas, cost cutting and safety. Continuous Annealing Furnace

Mesh belt type heat treatment furnaces, pit type furnaces and batch

TOYO-RO INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., a manufacturer specializing in mesh belt conveyor type heat-treatment furnace line, heat treatment lines batch-type and pit-type hardening furnaces.

Iron & Heat Treatment | Plant & Machinery | Business Areas

Batch-RAL. An equipment for annealing(SA, FA, LA) of CHQ(Cold Heading Quality)wire for manufacturing materials of bolts, nuts etc. 3An equipment for achieved through customized design in terms of steel grade; The newest technical capability attained based on experience of 200,000 ton / year automatic pickling line.

Gasbarre Products - FURNACE GROUP

The three companies offer a product line unlike anyone else in furnace manufacturing. Sinterite. Continuous high temperature industrial furnaces. Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group company, designs and manufactures continuous-belt and batch furnaces for: sintering, steam-treating, annealing, brazing, and heat-treating