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DC electric arc furnace | ispatguru

May 15, 2013 It is generally believed that steel making by DC arc furnace is a very recent development. But this is only partially true. In 1878, Sir William Siemens used a DC arc furnace with a vertical graphite cathode, with the arc transferred to the melt in contact with a water cooled bottom anode. Hence the concept of

Direct Current (DC) Arc Furnace | Industrial Efficiency Technology

This arc furnace achieves an energy savings of approximately 5% in terms of power unit consumption in comparison with the older designs of 3-phase AC arc furnaces. In addition, it also has other features, including higher melting efficiency and extended hearth life. The power consumption of DC furnaces is around 1.8-2.2

DC Arc Furnace Technology Applied to Smelting - Pyro.co.za

DC Arc Furnace Technology Applied to Smelting Applications. Kjell Bergman submerged arc furnaces due to the operation at higher . processes. During the years a number of processes have been developed but only two of them are used for commercial large-scale production of ferroalloys. Smaller plasma. J. 1.

Electric furnace steel plants

furnace. Electric steel processes are based on the use of scrap, with small amounts. of solid pig iron. Over 90 % of all electric steel produced is by the use of the a.c. electric are furnace. Three graphite The d.c. arc acts as a jet pump, directing the gases in and around the electric arc plasma toward the melt, causing efficient

Power and Control Systems for Electric Arc Furnaces | TMEIC

Selection of furnaces: Steelmaking electric arc furnace (AC & DC); Steelmaking ladle furnace; Ferro-alloy furnace; Special electric arc furnaces & melting furnaces (Ash melting furnace, etc.) Graphitizing furnaces (AC & DC)

Power Quality and Electrical Arc Furnaces - InTechOpen

Apr 11, 2011 the particular case of the DC arc furnaces, the presence of the AC/DC static converters and the random motion nature of both, the electrical arc and the melt down process, these devices can cause large current and voltage waves is smaller in the stable burning phase also by the fact that the distorting

First-Hand:Arc Furnace Transformers (and me!) - Engineering and

Jan 12, 2015 Arc furnaces are most often used to melt steel scrap and refine it into useful metal. This resulted in my being sent .. portion of the melt. The magnetic forces created by the electrode currents would throw smaller pieces of scrap around the inside of the furnace creating a rather disconcerting racket. This was

Electromagnetism and the Arc Efficiency of Electric Arc Steel Melting

At present, over 40% of all steel in the world are melted in arc steel-melting furnaces. Three-phase electro-arc-steel melting furnaces (EAFs) and dc electro-arc-steel melting furnaces (dc EAFs) are used for steel melting. In dc arc-steel melting furnaces with one roof electrode the arc glows vertically between electrode and

Electric Arc Furnace - Electrical4u

This electric arc is used for melting the metal. The arc furnaces are used to produce mini steel structural bars and steel rods. The electric furnace is in form of a vertical vessel of fire brick. There are mainly two types of electric furnaces. They are alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) operated electric furnaces.

Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnaces - Consarc Engineering

The gap between the melting electrode and metal pool (arc gap) is precisely maintained and a segregation and reduces the amount of micro segregation thereby enhancing operation. Users of Consarc VAR furnaces get proven process technology, state-of-the-art computerized controls, robust custom designed DC.