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Vacuum Heat Treating | Paulo

We have multiple large-capacity vacuum furnaces with a variety of quench gases including nitrogen, argon, helium and hydrogen. We offer a wide range of vacuum services, including: Hardening; Annealing; Pressure Quenching; Tempering. Our vacuum heat treat furnaces can handle: Rings up to 60” OD; Parts up to 50”

Vacuum Heat Treatment - Lakshmi Vacuum

Lakshmi vacuum group provides advance and efficient Vacuum Heat Treatment and Vacuum Furnace for Heat Treatment for our trustworthy customers and serve at heat treating applications, heat treatment of steel alloys, Hardening & tempering of sintered components, Pressure Die-casting Dies, Plastic Injection Moulds,

Stainless Steel Heat Treatments :: Bluewater Thermal Solutions

Tool Steel and Stainless Steel Heat Treatments. Bluewater performs tool steel and stainless steel heat treatments in vacuum furnaces at several facilities. Many grades of tool steel, high alloy steels and stainless steel have the ability to be heat-treated using a high-pressure nitrogen gas quench instead of requiring a liquid

One Company's Story: In-House Heat Treating a Success | 2016-03

Mar 7, 2016 Fastenal serves a diverse customer base, including power generation, oil and gas, food and beverage, and equipment manufacturers. In December 2013, the vacuum furnace was delivered, and an Ipsen Titan Model 3100 24-inch x 28-inch x 48-inch (H4) 2-bar nitrogen-quench furnace was brought on

Is it an oven or a furnace? | 2016-03-30 | Industrial Heating

Mar 30, 2016 Atmosphere Ovens (unless supplied with a retort) operate in either an air atmosphere or an inert-gas atmosphere. Furnaces are very effective at tempering, annealing, carburizing, austempering and normalizing of forgings, castings, heavier parts with thick cross sections and dense baskets of parts.

HIGHTEMP Furnaces: Furnace Manufacturer, Heat Treatment

Discover our innovative Rapid Tempering, Atmospheric and Vacuum Furnace capabilities. Know more Heat Treatment Services. HIGHTEMP offers unique value added Heat Treatment services. While our Nitrotec process can save material weight, the ADI process enables replacement of forgings with castings in some

Vacuum hardening - R.VAC+® - RÜBIG

For this reason, expensive single and serial production tools as well as high-quality moulds and components are heat treated in vacuum furnaces. This heat The low underpressure carburising (or low pressure carburising/lpc) with subsequent gas quenching is a modern version of case hardening. In comparison to the

Chicago Gas Quench | Milwaukee Vacuum Carburizing - ThermTech

ThermTech offers Vacuum Heat Treatment (Gas Quenching) for a wide variety of machined components for both the petrochemical, automotive, and medical fields. This vacuum furnace has the capabilities to handle vacuum carburizing only or vacuum carb hardening with nitrogen quench. The working size of the furnace

Top Loading Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces - Consarc

Vacuum heat treatment is a well established practice in the aerospace (OEM and repair), land based turbines, automotive and tool industries. Controlled thermal processing of components is carried out in a vacuum environment to eliminate the deleterious effects of the charge reacting with the gases present in air. The main

GH INDUCTION | Vacuum processes - Induction Heating

Vacuum furnaces are ideal for industrial heating processes which require high part quality and heating consistency. Brazing or heat treating in a high vacuum environment offers a high degree of process control and produces exceptionally clean parts – free of oxidation and scaling. In a vacuum system, parts are loaded into