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Stress Relieving Parts or Assemblies- Metlab of Wyndmoor PA.

Parts which have been heavily formed, machined, cut, or are fabricated by welding, have high internal stresses. The part or assembly can be made stress free by heating to a low temperature, where the stresses will be removed by thermal relaxation.

Carburizing and Case Hardening- Metlab of Wyndmoor PA

19,000 Pound double helical pinion shaft carburized to an effective case depth of 0.250" being quenched into 20,000 gallons of agitated, warm oil. Pinion was heat Most carburizing is done by heating components in either a pit furnace, or sealed atmosphere furnace, and introducing carburizing gases at temperature.

Hardening and tempering - Miheu

Advantages: Optimal values of the workpiece mechanical properties,; Suitable for workpieces that are subject to torsion and dynamic stress,; In pit furnaces we can perform hardening and tempering of larger and longer workpieces. Applications: Mechanical parts for engineering,; Drive gears (axles, shafts, connecting rods,

HTS Vacuum Furnaces - furnaces loading arrangements

Select furnaces by loading method arrangements. Tthe positioning of the charge inside the chamber will depend on the weight, size, shape, number and type.

Heat treating - Wikipedia

Heat treatment involves the use of heating or chilling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. Heat treatment techniques include annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening, tempering, normalizing and quenching. It is noteworthy that while the

Furnaces for heat treatment [SubsTech]

May 31, 2012 Vertical pit furnace. Furnaces of this type are used for heat treatment of shaft like parts (generator rotors, steam turbine rotors) which are loaded vertically through the top of the furnace. The heating Furnaces of this type have heat resistant steel rollers moving the parts through a long tube like furnace.

Technological Equipment | Q.I.P. s.r.o.

Processing in the controlled protective atmosphere of pit furnaces This is particularly suitable for long rotating components, piece and series production. This is carried out in our set of shaft tempering furnaces (batch size of O 700 x 1,000 mm) and low-temperature tempering furnaces for Al-alloy hardening (batch size of

Metal Straightening Services | Steel Heat Straightening | Therm-Tech

Methods of metal straightening depend on material type, mechanical properties and geometry of the part being straightened. Primarily straightening is done after heat treatment. Parts in the annealed or normalized condition can be straightened easily. Forgings that are quench and tempered, or carburized and hardened

Improving Process Heating System Performance: A - NREL

Blast furnaces, cupolas, vertical shaft calciners, exfoliators, and coal Primarily for metal heating and heat treating for long parts and in pit, A pit furnace used for tempering manually fed material with a pick-and-place system is a type of batch furnace. In contrast, a pit furnace used for heat treatment of automatically.

Evaluation and Improvement of Heat Treat Furnace Model

bottom, and pit types are most commonly used when a wide variety of heat-hold-cool temperature cycles are required. Batch furnaces are normally used to heat treat low volumes of parts (in terms of weight per hour). Batch furnaces are also used to carburize parts that require heavy case depths and long cycle times.