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Bring Heat Treating Capability to your Machine Shop - CM Furnaces

Jan 10, 2016 With multiple chamber sizes, top and bottom loading options, tube and box configurations, as well as a gas sealed option for support of multiple atmosphere's, these furnaces have among the broadest applicability you will find for the most common heat treatment process operations in MIM prototyping or

Chamber Furnaces for Annealing, Hardening and Brazing | Home

To withstand harsh use in the laboratory, e.g. when heat-treating metals, robust insulation with light refractory bricks is necessary. The chamber furnaces N 7/H - N 87/H are a perfect fit to solve this problem. The furnaces can be extended with a variety of accessories, like annealing boxes for operation under protective gas,

Furnaces for Continuous Processes | Home - Nabertherm Industrial

Pre-heating of steel rings for forging in a rotary hearth furnace. Furnace bottom can be lowered for maintenance purposes. The rotary hearth furnaces of the DH product line are optimally suited for continuous processes on a small floor space. They are designed for preheating processes such as the preheating of metal parts

HHV Heat treatment and Brazing furnaces

Standard and custom furnaces are available for a wide range of batch and semi-continuous production with process support for different applications such as Hardening and Tempering, Annealing, Sintering, Stress Relieving and Brazing. Electrical Resistance Furnace; Horizontal & Vertical Design; Top, Side and Bottom

Evaluation and Improvement of Heat Treat Furnace Model

current Computerized Heat Treatment Planning System (CHT) based furnace model to accurately simulate .. the load, Bottom figure- calculated near bottom of load) . . temperature and the cool down rate of the steel, we can determine the process to be accomplished. Those processes include,. • Annealing. • Normalizing.

Box Type Heat Treatment Furnace - AFECO Heating System

Electric / Gas Heating source can be adopted for box type furnace. This furnace is used for Hardening and Quenching application with auto Quenching manipulator. The furnace is best suited for different industrial metal heat treatment. Tempering Furnace is suitable for all kinds of tempering job. These durable and high

Delta H Technologies, LLC Your Single Source for Industrial

Heat Treating Furnaces Including: integral quench furnaces, bell annealing furnaces, dual chamber furnaces and ovens, tool room heat treating furnaces, box – front loading, car bottom, atmosphere heat treating, atmosphere generators including endothermic and exothermic, solution heat treating for aluminum, drop bottom

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment

Heat treating furnaces can be Batch type or continuous. •. The furnaces are heated by: Direct fired gas burners, Radiant tubes or Electric heating elements. •. More than 60% of the total energy used for heat treating is used for heating the load. More than 60% of the total energy used for heat treating is used for heating the

Car Bottom Furnace - Surface Combustion

Furnaces can be provided in electric, direct fired and indirect gas fired configurations to meet specific processing requirements. The furnace is typically The car bottom furnace can be combined with loading cars, companion quench tanks, and washers to form complete heat treating cells. INSTALLED BASE. Surface

Lucifer Furnaces — High Temperature Furnaces & Ovens | Industrial

Heat treat furnaces & industrial ovens for tool steel, high speed steel, advanced ceramics etc. Harden, temper, anneal. Bring your heat treating in-house with Lucifer Furnaces.