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Laboratory Vacuum Sintering Furnace / Shimadzu Mectem, Inc.

With basic performance identical to a manufacturing furnace, this multi-function, compact furnace requires only a small installation space and is ideal for research.

Horizontal Pressure-Vacuum Sintering Furnace With Rapid Cooling

Specially Designed for Rapid Cooling This furnace can rapidly cool objects from high temperatures, thanks to a large internal fan that operates under high gas pressures and a water cooling system. This reduces cycle time and contributes to increased productivity. Performs Degassing, Dewaxing and Sintering in Sequence

Vertical Pressure-Vacuum Sintering Furnace With Rapid Cooling

A wide range of pressures can be specified for sintering processes, from vacuum pressures (10-2 Pa) to high pressures (0.9 MPa). Furnace can be heated as high as 2200 °C, making it ideal for production or research of various metals and ceramics. In addition, a combined pressurized gas/internal cooling system provides