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Car bottom furnace - Bättenhausen: Industrial heat technology and

Car bottom furnaces are suitable for the annealing of iron and steel, the tempering and removing of non-ferrous metals as well as the hardening. Furthermore, they are used for the baking and sintering of ceramic applications. Thanks to its advantageous construction that allows the furnace floor to be driven out of the furnace

Industrial Heat Treating Car Bottom Furnaces & Mobile Furnaces at

Car Bottom or Mobile furnaces are used for many heavy industrial steel and aluminum mill applications,such as: Aluminum homogenizing of log, billet or plate; Aluminum sheet, coil or foil annealing; Aluminum plate homogenizing; Aluminum reheat or preheat (prior to rolling); Large steel or aluminum castings; Forging heat

Atmosphere Heat treatment Furnaces - Bell Annealing Furnace

Manufacturer of Atmosphere Heat treatment Furnaces - Bell Annealing Furnace, Roller Hearth Furnaces, Car Bottom (Bogie & Fixed Hearth) Furnaces and These technically superior furnaces are very widely accepted & used in the cold rolled steel industry including segments for producing auto body steel strips.

Heat Treatment Furnaces - IndiaMART

Leveraging on technological expertise and streamlined facilities, we manufacture car bottom furnace- gas /electrical furnace. These Car Bottom Furnace are extensively used for big application in Industry today for Annealing of SS Casting etc. Our Car Bottom Furnace system can be design and developed as per client's

Industrial Furnace | Industrial Ovens | International Thermal Systems

ITS TruTemp standard car bottom furnaces are an excellent solution to process large and heavy materials, from welded fabrications and forgings to spun products and plates. Processes include heat treating, homogenizing, annealing, preheating and stress relieving to name a few. Industries served are aerospace, oil drilling

Car Bottom Furnace | Industrial Furnaces | International Thermal

ITS manufactures car bottom furnaces to heat-treat large and heavy welded fabrications, like oil drill pipe and drive shafts, and features a manual or automated load car to process. Industries served are aerospace, oil drilling, steel mills, automotive, military and many more. Materials processed include aluminum, steel,

Steel Plant Furnaces | Continuous & Batch Type

Can-Eng Furnaces is an industry leader is manufacturing all types of Steel Plant Furnaces, including Atmosphere Generators, Batch Integral Quench Furnace Systems, Car Bottom Furnace Systems, Chain Conveyor Furnace Systems.

CAN-ENG Furnaces International | Industrial Furnace Manufacturers

Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited has the depth of experience to custom engineer heat treating equipment for the most demanding application, providing innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps our customers improve their bottom line and gain a competitive edge.

Industrial Furnaces On Cress Mfg. Co.

Browse Industrial Furnaces in the Cress Mfg. Co. catalog including Models C-601 and C401H,Model C 133 and C136,Bench Top Heat Treating Furnaces,Bench They normally operate at temperatures below red heat range where heat transfer to the tool steel is accomplished by the process of convection heat transfer.


heat treatment equipment to industrial companies all over the world. car bottom furnaces, pit furnaces with gas atmosphere and other special Chamber Furnaces. The chamber furnace consists of an iron framework insulated with mineral wool and Superwool. The insulation is enclosed between steel sheets inside the.

Car Bottom Heating Treatment Furnace-Cooldo Industrial Co.,Ltd

COOLDO Car Bottom Heating Treatment Furnace is designed a load car move the large and heavy fabrications in and out the chamber for heat treatment. Description of Industrial Annealing and Tempering Car Bottom Furnace: The frame of the door is made by section steel and plate which have stronger rigidity.

E-therm TZ s.r.o. - industrial furnaces

E-therm TZ industrial furnaces can conveniently be used mainly in steel processing and mechanical engineering plants. We engineer, supply, assemble, Five main fields where E-THERM branded equipment can be applied. Glass industry. Drying and heat treatment ovens for processing of glas fibres, mats and fabrics

Batch-type furnaces - ANDRITZ Group

We offer batch-type operating furnaces for reheating and heat treatment processes in the steel industry. The car bottom annealing furnaces are designed as heat treatment furnaces for a temperature range of 100° C up to 1,150° C, for heat treatment in forging mills, foundries, and heat treatment only plants in the steel

Car Bottom Furnaces - ThomasNet

Results 1 - 25 of 57 Furnaces include a proprietary air flow design for optimal heat uniformity critical in metal stress relieving, metal annealing or normalizing, steel tempering, Turnkey Systems Integrator*, Manufacturer Manufacturer of industrial furnaces such as aluminum alloy treating furnaces, car bottom furnaces,

Car Bottom Furnace | Industrial Furnace Manufacturers | Baker

Our Car Bottom Furnaces serve a variety of uses including heat treatment of large and heavy welded fabrications and are manufactured to your temperature and Typical uses for this versatile furnace are metal stress relieving, metal annealing or normalizing, steel tempering, aluminum aging, case hardening, industrial

Industrial furnace for steel hardening, tempering, quenching and

Industrial furnaces for steel hardening, tempering, quenching, annealing, bright carburizing to harden, temper, quench, aneal steel parts or fastenings.

Car Bottom Furnaces | Nutec Bickley

Car Bottom Furnaces And Ovens. Nutec Bickley provides heavy duty Car bottom furnaces in custom dimensions and loads capacity up to 150 Metric ton and more, with the following: Car Bottom Furnaces And Ovens. Temperatures up to 2460 F (1350 C). Heavy duty stable steel frame and refractory construction. Fiber lined

Tempering furnace / car bottom / electric / gas - Sistem Teknik

Discover all the information about the product Tempering furnace / car bottom / electric / gas - Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces and find where you can buy it. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote.

High Temp. Car Bottom Furnaces - Electrotherm Industry

High temperature car bottom furnaces are commonly used for metal heat treating in air or protective atmospheres and many other processes. They are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and temperature ranges and exclusively designed for intensive use. They assure temperature uniformity repeatability of not less than

Industrial Furnace Manufacturing - Custom Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces have a long list of capabilities and can be built to suit almost any application, from curing aluminum products to heat treating steel and other alloy materials. Our custom car bottom furnaces are manufactured to your exact specifications for all temperature applications involving most steel and alloys.