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Vacuum heat treatment furnace

vacuum brazing furnace

Heat treating is performed to improve the mechanical and/or chemical properties of materials. Thermal processing in a vacuum chamber ensures highly accurate and reliable results for materials which have to withstand extreme temperature conditions.

Vacuum sintering furnace

vacuum sintering furnace

Sintering is a MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) technology based on atomic diffusion which occurs much faster at high temperatures. Vacuum speeds up cycle times and guarantees temperature uniformity with more predictable results.

Vacuum brazing furnace

vacuum heat treatment furnace

High temperature brazing furnace is mainly used for vacuum brazing of stainless steel, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, hard alloy and nonferrous metals.


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  • vacuum gas quenching furnace
  • vacuum annealing furnace
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SIMUWU VACUUM FURNACE, The company specialized in industrial vacuum furnaces manufacturing. Our furnace including heat treatment vacuum furnaces such as vacuum gas quenching furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum gas and oil quenching furnace etc for metal heat treatment industry.

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    SIMUWU was founded by several experienced engineers who has been working in vacuum furnaces and heat treatment process for 20years.

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    As the step of SIMUWU internationlization. If you have bought SIMUWU Furnace, Your furnace will be taken good care of by our overseas engineering service team!

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    Also our sales team can provide you24/7 online work, your questions will be tackled immediately!

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