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Heat Treat Definitions | Wisconsin Oven

Heating a quench hardened or normalized ferrous alloy to a temperature below the transformation range to produce desired changes in properties. The object of tempering or drawing is to reduce the brittleness in hardened steel and to remove the internal strains caused by the sudden cooling in the quenching bath.

The Working of Steel - Project Gutenberg

If modern high-speed steel is being made, the ingots are taken out of the molds while still red hot and placed in a furnace which keeps them at this temperature for some hours, an operation known as This steel is practically valueless unless heat-treated; that is, heated to about yellow red and quenched in ice water.

Tempering Plants for Steel and NE-Metals | Home - Nabertherm

Fully Automatic Tempering System with Air Circulation Pit-Furnace S 1780/65 AS for Solution Annealing, Water Bath, Lift Conveyor and Pit Furnace S 3180/26AS for Artificial Aging The bogie moves back into the furnace and the load is quenched in the water bath underneath. After the quenching process, the basket is

Value-Added Thermal-Treatment Solutions - TimkenSteel

of our supply chain and service. Sup p ly chain integ furnace cycles. These seven processes are anneal, normalize, quench and temper, special quench and temper, spheroidize anneal, stress relieve and temper. These capabilities The austenitizing and quenching process heats steel uniformly to a temperature above

Transfer Case Sprocket Production through the Sinter Hardening

Low alloy steel powders have been developed for sinter hardening applications. These materials, combined with the availability of sintering furnaces equipped with enhanced cooling capacity, make sinter hardening particularly attractive for parts that are difficult to quench because of their size or shape. The transfer case.