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1100°CV Vacuum Chamber Furnace (7.5"ID x 8.5"Depth, 7.6 Liter

VBF-1200X-E8 is a vertical vacuum furnace with a 7.5" ID x 13.4"L-quartz chamber and automatic bottom loading mechanism designed for easy sample loading. 6") under vacuum or various other gas atmospheres with a temperature up to 1100°C. A programmable temperature controller, vacuum pump and recirculating

Tube Furnaces and Accessories | Home - Nabertherm Industrial

If the customer requires protective gas atmosphere, a separate working tube incl. gas supply system 1, e.g. made of quartz glass, must be inserted in the working . Display of inner tube temperature with additional thermocouple; Gas tight flanges for protective gas and vacuum operation; Manual or automatic gas supply

programmable electri aluminium vacuum brazing furnace

Vacuum Brazing Furnace - Home | Facebook. The vacuum brazing furnace main vacfurnace It is mainly used for aluminium parts brazing production under the protective atmosphere. Mainly include solder spray machine,… read more

1600°C Controlled Atmosphere Vacuum Furnace - SentroTech

Learn more about Sentro Tech's versatile 1600°C Controlled Atmosphere Vacuum furnace -- built to meet your exacting size and application requirements. Max vacuum: 10-2 torr; Excellent temperature uniformity; 30 Segment Easy Use PID Programmable Temperature Controller, allows the control of heating rates, dwells

Vacuum Furnaces: Continuous Vacuum Furnaces, Batch Vacuum

The C.I. Hayes “CV” Continuous Vacuum Series belongs to a family of vacuum furnaces comprised of modules including loading, heating and quenching. The modular and, in this case, continuous premise is to index small lots in a continuous automatic fashion that combines high production with superior product quality.

C.I. Hayes | Complete Line, Heat Treat Equipment and Industrial

Custom Industrial Heat Treating Equipment - Specializing in Vacuum Furnaces, Atmosphere Furnaces, Humpback Conveyor Furnaces, Tube Furnaces, The modular and, in this case, continuous premise is to index small lots in a continuous automatic fashion that combines high production with superior product quality.

‎[PDF]‎Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces - Coidan Graphite Products

is a precision vacuum carburizing process: Repeatable carburizing results according to pre−programmed parameters,. Uniform case depth across a load. ™. Elimination of intergranular/internal oxidation (which may occur during gas carburizing and vacuum carburizing in acetylene). Automatic control of carrier gas flow

Patent US5385337 - Control system for a soft vacuum furnace

31 Jan 1995 The control arrangement utilizes a hydrogen--inert gas furnace atmosphere continuously metered into the furnace to produce a reducing gas mixture to prevent oxidation of the work. If oxidation conditions are sensed, the mass flow is automatically increased while vacuum levels are maintained constant.

‎[PDF]‎Achieving best results in heat treatment. - Linde Gas

processes. An optimised furnace atmosphere and efficient heat treatment applications are essential Vacuum furnaces. → Pit furnaces. → Rotary retort furnaces. All typical protective atmospheres, e.g.: → Nitrogen-methanol/endothermic gas atmospheres . Automatic, recipe-driven carbon potential control depending on.

‎[PDF]‎Vacuum Hot Press Furnaces for Powder Compaction - Centorr

Vacuum Hot Press. Furnaces for Powder. Compaction. Vacuum industries, Inc. 5 Middlesex Avenue. Somerville, Massachusetts 02145. Telephone: 617-666-5450. Telex: 681 7186 vacuum or a controlled atmosphere of a desired gas . mediurn to be circulated within the working AUTOMATIC CONTROLS area of the

Bell-type annealing furnace - ifm

The annealing is performed under protective gas atmosphere. The protective gas, usually nitrogen, is blown into the furnace by the base fan. After the allotted annealing time, the heating hood is replaced by a cooling hood for controlled cooling of the coils in the protective gas atmosphere. The coils are then loaded on a coil

‎[PDF]‎Programat® P310 - Ivoclar Vivadent

All images and illustrations in these Operating Instructions are used for exemplification and the details are not authoritative for . If the furnace has been stored at very low temperatures or high atmospheric humidity, the head has to be opened and . The performance of all furnace components is automatically checked. 4.

Department for Nanostructured Materials K7

High-temperature Tube Furnace RHTH 120-300 - Nabertherm GmbH. Tmax: 1700 deg.C, Gas Atmosphere or Vacuum MoSi2 heating elements. Gas-tight flanges for protective gas and vacuum operation. Automatic gas supply system