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Vacuum Furnaces, Custom Designed High temperature

June 2016. TevTech ships a CVI system to a leading Carbon supplier in Asia. The system has a 50ch ft hot zone and is capable of infiltrating preforms with both carbon and SiC. January 2015. TevTech, LLC delivered a laboratory sintering furnace to YSU's Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing (CIAM). The new

High Temperature Laboratory Furnace - - Schoonover Inc.

CM Laboratory High Temperature Tube & Box Furnaces. high temp high temp furnace for atmospheric and vacuum applications. Click to View Gas Control System for High Temperature Tube Furnace Systems Atmospheric Furnace Gas Control System using mass flow controller, vacuum pump (optional), and computer.

Lab Ovens & Furnaces | Thermo Fisher Scientific

high-temperature quality tests in manufacturing, Thermo Scientific™ heating equipment helps deliver consistent results with products you've depended on for over 25 years. Select from a broad range of heating equipment to meet specific application requirements, including heating and drying ovens, and vacuum ovens

UAF - High Temperature Laboratory Chamber furnaces : 1700°C

These models have a maximum operating temperature of 1700°C and 1800°C. Models UAF 17/4 and 18/5 are bench mounted, whilst all other models are floor standing with lockable wheels as an optional extra. Ultra-high purity alumina low thermal mass insulation and vertically suspended Kanthal Super heating elements

Centorr Vacuum Industries: Industrial Vacuum Furnaces

Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed furnace solutions for difficult thermal processes.

Industrial Furnace | Industrial Oven | Manufacturers | High

We are an international leading manufacturer of high quality thermal processing equipment. We manufacture low and high temperature laboratory furnaces, production furnaces, vacuum formed ceramic fiber heaters, cast heaters, heater coils, air heaters, ovens, kilns and diffusion heaters, all custom designed to meet your

Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces | Thermic Edge Vacuum Heating

Thermic Edges wide range of laboratory vacuum furnaces offers heating up to 3000C and are semi-automatic with either graphite or Tungsten hot zones. pumping process, venting, gas admission and interlocks. The interlocked electric lid lift ensures the furnace cannot be opened if the hot zone temperature is too high.

Induction Vacuum Furnaces - GH Induction Atmospheres

Our compact, lean vacuum furnaces bring all the benefits of quick, clean induction heating technology to your manufacturing cell or laboratory. Ideal for brazing and heat treating processes that require high part quality and heating consistency, these induction furnaces heat parts of virtually any shape in a high temperature,

Roughing pump in high-vacuum furnaces for beginners #1 | TAV

Jan 26, 2017 More specifically, I'm going to explore the topic of roughing pump operation in high-vacuum furnaces. Finally, the characteristics of the pumping system and the entire vacuum system used in laboratory furnaces or in the research or nuclear sectors must be such as to allow even lower pressures to be

Laboratory furnace for high vacuum or inert atmosphere 2100c

High temperature laboratory furnaces for use in high vacuum or inert atmosphere for heating a crucible or flat wafer. All graphite hot zone 2100c.