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Foundry - Induction furnace - Furnace melting - CALDERYS

The worldwide presence of Calderys and local experience allows the company to propose the most suitable cost effective and technical solutions that will contribute to our customer's productivity and efficiency. Calderys creates working partnerships to evaluate and give optimized refractory concepts through: Reliability and

Medium-Frequency Coreless Induction Furnaces - OTTO JUNKER

Medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces have evolved into the dominant type of melting furnace in today's foundries, demonstrating their exceptional metallurgical capabilities thanks to the special technologies employed. High power densities of up to. 1,000 kW per metric tonne of iron ensure high melting rates from a

Reduce Power Consumption Without Sacrificing Production

Mar 1, 2007 To minimize exposure to high power rates, induction melters should optimize operating and maintenance practices, and evaluate equipment and generator systems. If furnace charging is a bottleneck, a faster automated charging system can reduce energy consumption. There is a wide variety of systems

Provide longer lifetime induction furnace neutral lining material

Jan 14, 2015 Comparision: Silica Ramming mass vs Neutral Ramming mass. Item, Silica Ramming mass, Neutral Ramming mass. Ton steel cost, US$3.5, US$3.5~4.0. Life (heats), 18~30, 80~120heats (no patching) 400~500heats (3 Patching). Steel quality, Low, High. Labor Cost, High (Lining installation everyday)

China steel output cut won't hit prices in India: Pro - Moneycontrol

Jan 12, 2017 Due to the high prices, traders should refrain from buying fresh metal stocks at current levels. Even if the steel supply were to be I don't see too much of a positive impact on steel prices globally or any change in exports of China because of closure of induction furnaces. Anuj: The big question then, we

Technology Applications Center - Induction Heating | Alabama Power

Induction heating has its application roots in the foundry industry during the 1930's, melting metals in a channel-type induction furnace. The protective coating's industry has also benefited from induction's unique ability to quickly water dry parts, cure paint, and even burn off paint from hooks, hangers and load bars.

HHV Vacuum induction melting furnace (VIM)

Current scenario of high technology growth circles around revolution taking place in material technology. The advanced technology demands for purer and light weight material which can give strength and durability. The answer found is adopting vacuum induction melting and casting techniques. Invent of Induction

Ecomelt Cokeless Melting Furnace - Wesman

In India this Cokeless Melting Technology has a special significance. Elimination of coke is a great relief to the foundry The duplexing with Induction furnace also results in lowest over all melting cost which provides the foundry a cutting edge in the competitive market. Besides achieving lowest melting cost, the pollution

Controlling Energy Hogs #1 - Foundry Analysis (Induction Furnaces

Implementation time: 2 hours. Key data points included: measurements of power used by each of 2 furnaces every second, 24/7. Projected Annual Savings: Greater than $730,000/year when combined for all 4 furnaces. Capital investment required: none. Pricing: complete system is under $18,000 (AFS corporate members

The growing importance of steel scrap in China - McKinsey

demand/production, life cycles of steel products, scrap recycling rates and scrap intensities in both BOF and EAF to . that around 40 MMT of crude steel in China is produced using induction furnaces (IF). These typically rely fully mills strike exclusive deals with these unofficial scrap companies and negotiate secret profit.