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Evaluation of carbon diffusion in heat treatment of H13 tool steel

It is known that the hardness obtained from hardening process is greatly influenced by the available carbon content in steel during quenching [1]. The presence of carbon within the steel . Furnaces used for heat treatment hardening experiments: (a) muffle furnace and (b) vacuum furnace. Once the austenitizing time is

Hardening And Tempering Annealing - Encyclopedia - Theodora

The work is then thrown into water and quenched. A muffle furnace, employed for annealing, hardening and tempering is shown in fig. 1; the heat being obtained by means FIG. I. - Automatic Oil Muffle Furnace. of petroleum, which is contained in the tank A, and is kept under pressure by pumping at intervals with the wooden


Oil quenching. Clean Master. Vacuum degreasing equipment. Degreasing. Ion plating equipment. Melting type PVD. Sputtering type PVD. Heat treatment experimentation services. 21P. 19-20P. Consignment coating services. 22P. Vacuum furnaces. Vacuum hardening. Tempering. Brazing, Solution treatment. 7-8P. 15-18P.

Industrial and Laboratory Furnaces - Ontario Ovens

Ontario Ovens Inc. has a full line of industrial and laboratory furnaces designed for a variety of applications including annealing, ageing, tempering, stress relieving and solution heat treating. From small bench-top muffle furnaces to vertical drop bottom, we have a furnace to meet your need.


tempered in a laboratory muffle heat treatment furnace at a temperature of 200◦C for 1hour and cooled to room temperature in still air. The results revealed that single quenching eliminated the yield strength, increased the tensile strength and hardness properties but decreased the ductility and notch impact toughness prop-.

Heat treatment furnace & Vacuum furnace manufacturer

By managing and maintaining a state of art heat treatment facility with processes ranging from Hardening to Nitriding, Solutionizing to Vacuum Annealing & Brazing, we as users ourselves build furnaces and integrated heat treatment systems that are built-to-last in construction, easy to maintain and are result-oriented in

Annealing, Hardening, Tempering - Course: Working Techniques of

Figure. Tools and devices. Muffle furnace, quenching tank, abrasive cloth, file. Auxiliary accessories. Quenching medium (flame-resistant, heatproof lubricating oil) or water, scouring cloth (fat-free). Previous knowledge required. Machining of material

Borel Swiss - Standard Furnaces & Ovens

Founded in 1927, Borel Swiss is the leading manufacturer of electric furnaces, kilns and ovens for the metal, heat processing, heat treating, metal melting, ceramics, glass, porcelain, pottery markets. Borel propose a whole range of standard furnaces, accessories & spare parts. If you need a furnace specially tailor-made to

Products - SOLO Swiss Group - Atmosphere Furnaces for Metal

SOLO Swiss offers atmosphere furnaces, batch furnaces, bell-type furnaces, continuous furnaces, mesh belt furnaces used in variety of heat treatment processes (Carburizing, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Austempering, Nitriding, Brazing, Carbonitriding, Sintering, Nitrocarburising, Oxinitriding, Quenching). All SOLO

Special furnaces | Borel Swiss Ovens & Furnaces

Tilting Crucible Furnace Laboratory Furnace Quenching Bath Tempering Furnaces Bath-Type Furnace Protective Gas furnace. Kiln Continuous Furnace Debinding Furnace Fusing Furnace Annealing Furnace Hardening Furnace Top-Hat Furnace Bogie Hearth Furnace High Temperature Furnace Muffle Furnace