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Melting Efficiency Improvement - E-SMARRT, Energy-Saving

Jul 31, 2012 cumulative and operational electrical energy efficiency were measured and calculated. Figure 3a reflects the spectrum of energy consumption for steel melting in induction furnaces at four foundries. The electrical energy varied from a low of 450 kWh/ton to a high of 800 kWh/ton representing 35% to 235%

Induction Furnace - Engg Journals Publications

inverters and capacitors needed to “tune” the frequency required for high-efficiency induction furnaces can pose . energy consumption. Furnace Covers: The use of furnace cover is critical to energy efficiency once the metal is molten. The simplest system is to keep a slag on the molten metal, reducing radiation losses from

Industrial Process Heating - Technology - Department of Energy

Feb 13, 2015 efficiency improvements such as lower energy consumption, improved speed/throughput, greater. 43 furnaces, infrared emitters, induction heating, radio frequency drying, laser heating, microwave consideration in process heating, especially for higher-temperatures process heating systems such as.

Amazon: BestEquip 15KW High Frequency Induction Heater 30

Output Power: 15 KW; Max. Heating Temperature: 2200 ℃(3992 ℉); Heating Timing: 1-99 s(Auto); 100% load design to work in 24 hours; Melting furnace adopts the latest MOSPET, IGBT power units and frequency conversion control techniques with high efficiency, low energy consumption and higher output power

Smart energy-efficient water recooling system is successfully

Feb 7, 2017 Background For an induction melting furnace to operate safely, a powerful water cooling system must be in place to prevent overheating of the induction coil, the frequency converter and the capacitors. In this context, particular importance is attached to a low energy consumption of the cooling water pumps

Industrial heating using energy efficient induction technology

Jan 1, 2011 higher heating efficiency, no requirement for advanced cooling, a higher geometrical flexibility and also environmental gains. induction heating are not only related to energy savings; the total heating time and duty cycle can also be Low frequencies can be effective for thicker materials requiring deep

Energy audit experiences in foundries - Springer Link

Nov 18, 2014 Keywords Energy audit 4 Foundry 4 Thermal insulation 4. Cupolas 4 Induction furnace. List of symbols. E. Energy (J, kWh) h. Specific enthalpy (kJ kg-1) m Mass flow Energy management and related energy savings in industry sector are 2012/27/CE on energy efficiency, not yet adopted in Italy). Energy

Medium-Frequency Coreless Induction Furnaces - OTTO JUNKER

medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces have led to their increasingly Low energy consumption. ▫ Low melting loss. ▫ High plant availability. ▫ Easy operation and maintenance. ▫ Low building cost thanks to compact design. ▫ Minimum built to provide a high efficiency, exceptional rigidity and reliable protection.

energy conservation in induction furnace: a review - IJARSE

are main consumer of electricity in foundry. In case of induction furnace efficiency is sensitive to many controllable features lie in operational practices, coil height; charge mix, furnace utilization etc. So with the help of recommendation, it is easy to find out the ways to lower the specific energy consumption in this furnaces.

Thermal Efficiency of Steel Melting - Scholars' Mine

Jan 1, 2004 Induction Furnace (IF) Melting. Four steel foundries with different capacity IFs are included in this study. All furnaces had medium frequency power supplies and were lined with alumina based (alumina spinel) .. lining also showed lower productivity and higher energy consumption than later heats when.