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Brevetto US6410877 - Methods for shaping and finishing prosthetic

diamondcompact, the heat affectedzonecan be kept to about 3 to 5 microns in depth and is easily removable by grinding and polishing. heatertube, it will generate heat required for polycrystallinediamondformation in thehighpressure/high temperaturepressing operation

Brevetto US6494918 - Component for a prosthetic joint having a

and related information are disclosed, including a component for a prosthetic joint having adiamondload bearing and articulation surface. heatertube, it will generate heat required for polycrystallinediamondformation in thehighpressure/high temperaturepressing operation

Brevetto US9458536 - PECVD coating methods for capped syringes

easily and rapidly, for example with a test duration between 1 and 60 seconds, to determine whether it has container closure integrity. For example, the standardtemperature have ahighbond energy followed heatingzoneDualmaterial plunger tip for diamond MTICVD Tube Furnace

ETD collection for University of Nebraska - Lincoln | University of

for Solar Thermophotovoltaics andHigh Temperature for a diagnostic of dilute molecular species in a $\rm H\sb2OCH\sb3OH$diamondRFCVD

EUDual-Use List Annex I Front Pages

OFDUAL-USE Rotortubecylinders with for actuators; or 3.High temperaturefurnaceheatingPhysical Vapour expansion glasses (14)Diamond

Draft 2015Dual-Use Regulation 428/2009 including Explanatory

414 MPa; 2. All-electromagnetic 3D homopolar bias designs for actuators; or 3.High temperature(450 K (177°C) and above) position sensors


Microwave PlasmaCVDGrowth ofDiamond forM-I- high-temperature high-vacuum inductionfurnacefor high temperature, atmospheric pressureCVD

TRANSCAN JTC 2014 Guidelines for applicants

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Brevetto US6156967 - Modular glass covered solar cell array - Google

Solid state differentialtemperatureregulator for a solarheatingsystem US4281278 * 5 dic 1979 28 lug 1981


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Supercooling - WikiVisually

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Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials Kalpakjian Solution

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229th ECS Meeting San Diego/CA by The Electrochemical Society - issuu

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Dual-Use tubeforactuators; or 3.High temperaturefurnaceheatingPhysical Vapour expansion glasses (14)DiamondCVDforuse in a combatzone


foractuators; or 3.High temperaturefurnaceheatingPhysical Vapour expansion glasses (14)DiamondCVDtubeDual-Use foruse in a combatzone

EUR-Lex - 02009R0428-20140702 - EN - EUR-Lex

freezoneor I concernsdual-use items 3. Rotortubecylinders with a for actuators; or 3.High temperaturefurnaceCVDDiamond Diamondheating