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oil shale pyrolysis and effect of particle size on the composition of

Feb 4, 2013 Oil yield was found to decrease with increasing particle size in the studied range from 92 to 70%. The shale oil produced was distilled in a simple atmospheric . The reactor and furnace temperatures were controlled to obtain the retort in a 8 mm pipe for preheating while passing downward to the bottom.

technical and ecological aspects of shale oil and power

waste of shale oil production and guarantee the maximum use of oil shale energy. Introduction retort gas is transported into furnaces of pulverised oil shale-burning boilers at the nearby Reactor – drum reactor for oil shale pyrolysis; Boiler of power station – boilers of the Estonian Power Plant; AFC – aero-fountain com.

Co-current combustion of oil shale – Part 1 - CiteSeerX

Jul 17, 2009 pyrolysis. After oxidation. After pyrolysis. After oxidation. Inert matter. Inert matter. CaCO3. CaCO3 a b c d a' c'. Table 4. Mass loss of oil shale after heating at 550 °C and 900 °C under N2, in the horizontal tube furnace following three heating rates. Heating rate (K minÀ1). Furnace temperature (°C). 50. 170.

Retort - Wikipedia

Such industrial-scale retorts are used in shale oil extraction and the production of charcoal. A process of heating oil shale to produce shale oil, oil shale gas, and spent shale is commonly called retorting. Airtight vessels to apply pressure as well as heat are called autoclaves. In the food industry, pressure cookers are often

Rates and Mechanisms of Oil Shale Pyrolysis: A - OSTI.gov

Three pristine Utah Green River oil shale samples were obtained and used for analysis by the combined research groups at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Oil shale samples were first demineralized and the separated kerogen and extracted bitumen samples were then studied by a host of techniques

Design, fabrication, operation and Aspen simulation of oil shale

Golpour, Hassan, "Design, fabrication, operation and Aspen simulation of oil shale pyrolysis and biomass gasification process using a moving bed This dissertation consists of the following four articles, formatted in the style used pyrolysis is to identify the key process parameters for the reactor and optimize the rate of.

An Assessment of Oil Shale Technologies (Part 7 of 18)

144 q An Assessment of Oil Shale Technologies the retort. A third would not be reheated but would be reinfected through the bottom of the retort to cool the shale before discharge. The fourth would be used for fuel in the reheating furnace. All heat for kerogen pyrolysis would be provided by the reinfected gases, and no.

Industrial Microwave Pyrolysis Furnace and reactor - YouTube

Dec 2, 2016 Industrial Microwave Pyrolysis Furnace is suitable for fuel wood, forestry wastes, crop residues, aquatic plants and other biomass Pyrolysis fuel or also be used for the pyrolysis of coal, oil shale, oil sludge and municipal solid waste and other solid materials for colleges and universities, research institutes

Anisotropy in Thermal Recovery of Oil Shale—Part 1 - MDPI

Jan 1, 2018 In addition, the relationship between the thermal conductivity and wave velocity based on the anisotropy of oil shale was fitted using linear regression. The research in this paper can The jig was then moved so that the quartz tube extended into the furnace, as shown in Figure 4. The specimen was heated

Specialists' Workshop on Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass - NREL

A block flow diagram of naphtha orgas oil fed ethylene plant is shown in Figure 1. The feed is mixed with steam in a steam-to-hydro- carbon weight ratio of 0.2 to 1.0 range, and the mixture is heated to a cracking temperature of about 750°C to 900°C in a tubular furnace. The steam is basically an inert diluent and is added for