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Tube Furnaces for Processes under Flammable or Non-Flammable

Thermal Process Technology Compact laboratory tube furnace with manual gas supply system, High-temperature tube furnace for four different protective gases Tube furnace RS 200/4500/08 with lift door for heat treatment of bars, RS 250/2500/11S, five-zone controlled, for wire annealing in high-vacuum or under

Tube Furnaces and Accessories | Home - Nabertherm Industrial

Nabertherm: Furnaces and Systems for Ceramics, Metal, Dental, Laboratory, Heat Treatment, plastics and Foundry. Kilns, Laboratory Furnaces, Melting Furnaces, Hardening Furnaces, Chamber Furnaces, High-Temperature Tube Furnaces for Horizontal and Vertical Operation up to 1800 °C Gas Atmosphere or Vacuum

High Temperature Furnace - Lab Furnace - Laboratory Furnace

High Temperature Furnace models with temperatures up to 1800°C. Ideal for use as a lab furnace or production furnace. Bottom Loading Furnace, Tube furnace with SIMGAS modules Rapid cooled sealed furnaces for Austempering and Martempering or similar heat treat conditions with accurate hold tempratures.

Tube Furnaces | Split | Rotary | Solid | Suppliers - Thermcraft

Thermcraft's Hinged High Temperature Split Tube Furnaces are for applications that need temperatures up to 1530°C (2800°F). We can customize our tube furnaces to be single zone or multiple zone configurations, and design them for vertical or horizontal operation. The furnace pictured has (SiC) silicone carbide heating

Tube Furnaces| CM Furnaces

CM laboratory tube furnaces come standard or custom built for long lasting quality in a variety of high temperature furnace applications. range of horizontal, vertical, gradient and diffusion tube furnaces to fit your needs whether for heating metal or technical ceramic samples in air, an inert atmosphere, under high vacuum,

Lab Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

High quality, high temperature lab furnaces and kilns in box and tube varieties. Furnaces feature temperatures up to 1800°C and sealed designs that support atmosphere control necessary for advanced processes including heat treating, CM Rapid Temp Series laboratory furnaces and kilns in various configurations.

Ultra High Temperature Furnaces - Materials Research Furnaces, Inc.

Ultra High Temperature Furnaces capable of continuous operation up to 3000C (5400F) with graphite or tungsten hot zones. Several models For ultra high temperature requirements, MRF has several furnace capable of continuous operating at 3000°C (5430 F). Not many High Temperature Laboratory Furnace Image.

Lenton Furnaces: electric laboratory, industrial furnaces and ovens

For heating metal or technical ceramic samples in air, an inert atmosphere or under high vacuum, at a controlled and uniform temperature, or ramping up through a temperature profile, from 600°C to a maximum of 1800°C. We have a range of horizontal, vertical and split tube furnaces, one of which will suit your needs.

Heat treatment in research and academia - Carbolite Gero furnaces

Carbolite Gero offers enhanced furnaces and ovens for the increasing demands of materials science departments in universities and research institutes. Accurate temperature control, combined with secure data-logging, is often an essential requirement of research work in academia, industry and pharmaceutical markets.

Tube Furnaces, Vertical Tube Furnace | Sentro Tech, Inc.

Sentro Tech is a leading manufacturer of custom high-temperature tubular furnaces. 1200°C to 1700°C Maximum Operating Temperatures; Tube Lengths up to 48", Tube Diameters up to 10"; Multiple Heating Zones (Independently Controlled); Horizontal or Vertical Configurations; Tilting Functionality, up to 30 Degrees

‎[PDF]‎high temperature furnaces - Labotest AB

Furnace is ideally suited for incinera- ting, annealing and thermal analysis. It is the ideal furnace for heat treatment of metals and drying at high temperatures. . REF 2.1 with Thermicon® P and upper limit cut-out. 50025157. 1) for wall-mounted and vertical operation. Tube furnaces. RO 4/25. RO 4/50. RO 7/50. RO 7/75.

Sentro Tech Custom Lab and Production Furnace Work

Custom Dry Ovens & Tube Furnaces. custom dry oven. 600°C High temperature dry oven with 310 stainless steel line and air circulation fan on top to ensure temperature uniformity. custom double door dry oven. Sentro Tech can customize dry ovens with dual door designs. This double door design allows easy loading of

‎[PDF]‎Furnaces - Applied Test Systems

Furnaces. Laboratory and Industrial. Precise, Efficient, and Reliable. Furnaces and Process Systems. Made to Your Specifications .. temperature tube furnace options. Heating elements: Kanthal Super® (MoSi2). Note: These furnaces operate at low voltage and high current, requiring a transformer and current-limiting

Vertical High Temperature Vacuum* and Atmosphere Tube Furnace

GSL-1700X-VT-UL is UL/CSA ready to pass furnace with optional 80 mm or 100 mm diameter alumina processing tube. This high-temperature vertical tube furnace is using MoSi2 as heating elements. It is designed for heat treatment of all types of new materials under vacuum or other gas condition up to 1700oC. The

Tubular furnace - All industrial manufacturers - Videos - DirectIndustry

High Temperature PTF series tube furnaces are tube furnaces that could be used when laboratory experimentation is performed horizontally or vertically. 850°C MSE's Rotary Tube Furnace is specifically designed for continuous dynamic drying, decomposition, sintering, calcining and other heat treatment of powders and

‎[PDF]‎Laboratory & Standard Ovens & Furnaces up to - Labwrench

1 Jan 2016 66. High Temperature Vertical Tube. Furnaces. HTRV. 1800 °C. 68. Split Tube Furnaces. High Temperature Vertical Split Tube. Furnace. HTRV-A . the determination of the atmosphere required for a heat treatment process. The table below provides an overview of product type, its heating element material

High Temperature Split Tube Furnace from Thermcraft : Quote, RFQ

They can customize these tube furnaces to be single zone or multiple zone configurations, and design them for vertical or horizontal operation. The furnace pictured has (SiC) silicone carbide heating elements. Higher temperature furnaces can be designed with (MoSi2) molybdenum disilicide heating elements and

China Electric Atmosphere Split Vacuum Resistance Tube Furnace

Product description : Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace,which is mainly providing high temperature heat treatment environment for the laboratories of institutions of higher learning,scientific research institutions and factory enterprise.It applies to new material fields such as metal material, graphite material, lithium material

High temperature tube furnaces - thermconcept

High Temperature Tube Furnaces with SiC-rod heating Tube diameter 20 mm to 105 mm; Heated length 180 mm to 610 mm; Integrated safety grid for low surface temperature on tube module; Insulation made of Solid base frame for vertical operation; Adjustable temperature limiter to protect furnace and charge acc.

Search by application | Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd.

Bottom Up Furnace, The space-saving furnace is usable for high-temperature heat treatment in a vacuum purged or inert gas atmosphere. . Tube Furnace KTF 1100 deg C Series (1 Zone Control), Electrical furnaces (tube furnaces) for experiments and laboratory researches Horizontal, desktop, energy-saving furnaces