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PVA TePla AG | Special Furnaces - Vacuum Pressure Sintering

Based on the graphite heated sinter HIP furnace series COD, PVA has designed, in accordance with the special process requirements, a vacuum - pressure sinter furnace for carbon sensitive MIM parts, designed as a bell-type furnace with complete metallic heater of molybdenum offering the following technical features:

PVA TePla AG | COD - Vacuum-Pressure Sintering Furnaces (Sinter

COD Vacuum-Pressure Sintering Furnaces (Sinter-HIP). Characteristics. COD Sinter-HIP furnaces combine the dewaxing, vacuum-sintering and subsequent isostatic densification under pressure gas of metals and ceramics. COD furnaces optimize all the necessary process functions and combine them in one production

vacuum sintering furnace | SIMUWU

Our vacuum sintering furnace,sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat and/or pressure without melting it to the point.

Vacuum Sintering Furnace for Powder Metallurgy, MIM, 3D Print

The chart shown above is an example of a typical debinding/sintering cycle, which includes the use of a partial pressure gas during the debinding phase and rapid gas quenching to meet specific material hardness requirements. Two Versatile Vacuum Sintering Furnace Models. During the debinding process, all binders

Sintering Process | Vacuum Sintering | Applications of Sintering

Furnace line VKMQ. The features of the VKMQ furnace line are: • Rated temperature up to 1300 °C in vacuum or under convection • Durable graphite heating with hard felt insulation • Integrated, large-sized heat exchanger with fan for high-pressure gas cooling to be used for rare earth magnet sintering

High-temperature vacuum sintering furnace type FP W

Working temperature: up to 2000°C (Option: up to 2400°C); Vacuum: up to 5 x 10-2 mbar(a); Working pressure: up to 100 bar(g) (10 MPa) (Option: up to 20 MPa); Debinding/dewaxing - sintering - gas pressure sintering in a combined process (Sinter-HIP); Rapid cooling (overpressure); Design: vertically loaded from the

High-temperature vacuum sintering furnace - FCT Systeme GmbH »

These furnaces are equipped with electrical resistance heating or with inductive heating. They can be used for numerous purposes because they apply vacuum as well as inert atmospheres. This main application is debinding and subsequent sintering of ceramics or powder metallurgical parts. They are also used for

High-temperature gas pressure sintering furnace - FCT Systeme

The special feature of the GPS process is a sequence of dewaxing at low pressure, sintering at normal pressure and -after a status is reached with only closed pores being present in the material - sintering at a high pressure, which results in a further densification and faster elimination of the remaining pores. Therefore

Laboratory Vacuum Sintering Furnace / Shimadzu Mectem, Inc.

Model, Effective Intern. Dim. (mm) W x H x D, Heater Material, Max. Temp. (°C), Process. Cap. (kg gross), Ultimate Press. (Pa), Max. Pressure, Power Req. (kVA). Laboratory Furnace, VHLgr 20/20, 200x. 200H, 10, 7x10-4, 30. VHLgr 20/20/30, 200Wx 200Hx 300L, 10, 35. VHLw 10/15, 100x. 150H, Tungsten, 2000, 3, 45.

Vacuum pressure sintering furnace with glove box, up to 10 bar

Vacuum pressure sintering furnace with glove box, up to 10 bar. -1/+10 bar, temperature 500 °C, usable space Ø260x400mm. Drusi_10_1_Glove.jpg; Drusi_10_2_Glove.jpg; Drusi_10_3_Glove.jpg. Pressure sintering furnace, up to 10 bar; One heating zone equipped with resistance heater (15kW); Closed-loop temperature

Gas pressure sintering furnace - FCT Anlagenbau Sonneberg

Gas pressure sintering furnace. Economically producing a product with homogeneous structure and largely without defects is the goal of sintering components from heavy-duty material that withstand high mechanical loads. In the past years, gas pressure sintering for structural ceramic materials on the basis of silicon nitride

Sintering Furnace, Sinter HIP Furnace, Pressure Furnace by AVSInc

AVS leads the way in standard and custom engineered vacuum/pressure furnace systems throughout the world. Our Sinter HIP furnaces, used in the debinding, sintering and densification of tungsten carbide, continue to provide our customers with long term value, saving time and handling by allowing a combination of

Perfect vacuum sintering step by step #1 | TAV VACUUM FURNACES

15 Jun 2017 If we compare its consumption with that of a graphite sintering furnace, we might find that they are quite similar, so the point made above might, in fact, be valid. If, however, the sintering furnace were metallic, and in particular, if the partial pressure level used during debinding were high, the consumption of

Vacuum-pressure Sintering Furnace,Sinter-HIP Furnace

This 6MPa vacuum-sintering furnace offers unprecedented value to applications that require sintering furnace technology for cemented carbide and precision ceramic. Quality, efficiency and reliability are just a few of the outstanding attributes that have allowed Ruideer to become the premier supplier of sintering furnaces.

HHV High vacuum sintering furnace

In vacuum there is no sufficient gas present to cause detrimental oxidation or other reactions. Sintering in vacuum has the advantages that setting of temperature-pressure- atmosphere. Several industries rely on sintered parts and components including: Medical, particularly implant parts; Automotive - power transmissions,

Sintering - Vacuum Furnace - PVA TePla America

Sintering. Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material by heat and/or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction. Vacuum sintering is a process used to produce a hard metal, metal carbide and some ceramics part made from a metal injected powder metal and binder (MIM). Injected

C.I. Hayes | Vacuum Sintering Furnaces for Powder Metal Sintering

Custom-Engineered Vacuum Sintering Furnace - Allows for processing of PM compacts at conventional or high temperatures. Uniquely combines atmosphere delubrication and vacuum sintering. High pressure gas quenching, oil quenching or gas cooling is available. Electrically heated or gas fired with conventional or

Sintering Vacuum Furnace | Benefits of Sintering in a Vacuum Furnace

Cooling speed will depend on the material. Temperature and pressure limits can be chosen during the engineering phase, and controlled manually or automatically during processing. Vacuum furnaces can be built to perform both debinding and sintering. Combining these processes in one furnace saves time and money.

Sintering furnace PDS - Carbolite Gero

For partial pressure operation, a special oil pump is integrated into the furnace to pump the gaseous by-products out of the furnace and into the afterburner. After the debinding step, it is possible to increase the temperature up to 1450 °C for the sintering process. During sintering, a vacuum, partial pressure, or slight

Vacuum sintering furnace | Production and Sales of Vacuum Pump

This sintering furnace series has a proven track record in m